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A Superhero’s Blind Date

Book Description:

Ever wonder what Wonder Woman’s sex life is like or what superhero sex is like? Though NOT the actual sex life of Wonder Woman, A Superhero’s Blind Date is the short prequel to Ariel’s Super Power of Love which explores the racy romance and vengeful spirit of a super heroic sleuth, a female protagonist everyone can enjoy. Sign up for my monthly newsletter for getting this and other freebies: Also, check out which sexy superhero you are by taking this short quiz:

From the naughty mind of international bestselling author Liz Adams.

WARNING: Very hot! For 18 years and older.


Short Bio:

Liz Adams, author of erotic fairy tales, lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. In her spare time she cuddles with her spouse watching her favorite shows.


Excerpt from

A Superhero’s Blind Date

by Liz Adams


Smoothing out my yellow miniskirt, I glanced at Anastasia’s empty dinner plate and stopped myself from shaking my head.

I swear, Anastasia must have the metabolism of a racehorse. My rail-thin girlfriend ate the steak in record time like it was an hors d’oeuvre. Her broad-shouldered, athletic boyfriend Gary was still working on his as she continued explaining how she came up with the idea for the four of us to eat out together.

“So when Gary said he knew the perfect guy,” Anastasia gestured to Tom, my blind date, a yummy man with a strong jaw and piercing amber eyes, “I said we should totally double date.”

“That was good of you to consider a restaurant date first.” I winked at her and threaded a lock of my raven-black hair behind my ear.

“A restaurant date first?” Tom’s eyebrows rose. “As opposed to what?”

I put a hand on his knee to get his attention. “Anastasia’s go-to plan is less of a ‘restaurant date first’ thing and more of a partner-swapping thing.”

“Oh, hush, Ariel!” Anastasia waved the comment aside. “Gary’s my boyfriend. I would never sleep with another man, even if Gary asked me to. I’m just not that kind of girl.”

“Well,” Gary taunted, “you did suggest sharing a twin bedroom with Ariel and Tom, so that we could do our thing while they did their thing.”

I smirked. “Why am I not surprised?”



Blind Date with Wonder Woman's Daughter

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