Gift of Alice Through the Mirror

A gift for you: My favorite erotic fairytale adventure

Alice's Erotic Adventures Through the Mirror

If you met your true self, would you recognize her?

A salacious retelling of Alice Through the Looking Glass.



Alice’s Erotic Adventures Through the Mirror

First Place Winner for Best Erotic Paranormal

What if you could become a queen, but you had to first succumb to being treated like a pawn and learn your lessons? Would you go through that erotic adventure?

In this sequel to Liz Adams’s bestselling Alice’s Discoveries in a Wonderful Land, Alice’s hot and spicy adventures continue when she gets sucked through a mirror and journeys through the surrealistic world of Wonderland.

In England, having returned from university for the holidays, Alice expects her paramour Jack to treat her like a queen, adoring her with his love and attention. When he fails, she lands in Wonderland and meets a chess piece, a queen, who reveals what Alice must do to become a queen deserving of Jack’s attention. Alice’s journey requires crossing Wonderland’s chess board as a pawn.

The many delicious adventures Alice must face along the way will help Alice answer the queen’s enigmatic riddles. When Alice’s adventures include a blind man who reads her skin with kisses, a pair of buff twin brothers with a unique arousing affliction, and a shapeshifting unicorn with a desire to take her, will Alice be able to solve the riddles to become a queen? Will she understand how to royally deserve Jack’s attention before she leaves Wonderland?

WARNING: This portrayal of Alice’s salacious adventures in the surrealistic world of Wonderland contains her sensual discoveries with strapping, strong men and their amazing talents: the heart-thumping passion of M/F, the musky scent of M/M, the hard muscle-sandwich of M/F/M, the gentle connection of F/F and a Tweedledee and Tweedledum scene so hot and unique, you’ll wonder why you’ve never imagined it before! Have a spare pair of panties with you when you read this. For 18 years and older.