Where Are All the Female Superheroes?

I love this TED talk!

The question isn’t exactly where are the female superheroes, but is more, “Why aren’t the female superheroes represented?”

If you love Wonder Woman, Princess Leia, Black Widow, and Gamora, try going to a Disney store (Disney owns Star Wars films and Marvel comics) and seek out action figures for those characters. Or even lunch boxes or T-shirts. Whenever I look for the female superhero stuff, I can’t find them.

What does that mean for our girls? When they dress up, they need to dress up as male superheroes because female superheroes have been removed from the conversation. They’re nowhere to be seen.

The good news? There’s already a shift in awareness. Target has removed gender based division of their toys, so anyone can get a little pony doll or a football, boy or girl. There is no boy section and girl section. Also, Mattel has made a line of female superhero action figures.



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