Erotic Goldilocks Giveaway and Tales of Wild Girls in College

Campus Sexploits 4: Sex with Foreign Exchange Students

Comment below on your favorite college sex or a fairy tale you’d like to see reworked as erotica for a chance to win my erotic version of Goldilocks: Goldie’s Locks and the Three Men.

To continue the blog hop, check out the great shape-shifter erotica author, Phoenix Johnson.

Wild Girls in College

I am so excited to announce the recent release of Campus Sexploits 4: Foreign Exchange Students anthology! In it I reveal my time as a wild girl in college discovering new sexual sides of myself at UCLA. My short story is called, “College Sex With a Foreign Exchange Student – The Universal Language.” I know, I know. It’s a long name. But at least it says something of what the story’s about.

More than that, the story asks the question, “Knowing that your fantasies defined you, what would you do if they were too kinky for comfort?” In my case, I acted on them even though I wasn’t sure it was the right thing to do.

The other great, thigh-squeezing stories are “How Do You Say ‘All Over Me’ en Español?” by the relentless Delena Silverfox, “Dorm Life” by the sultry J.D. Morgan, and “Tenters” by the explosively creative Daddy Xmas!

Now For the Giveaway

When I wrote Goldie’s Locks and the Three Men (A Modern Erotic Fairy Tale Fantasy for Women), I loved the rush I got from writing such a variety of hot sex scenes with three different men. One was gentle, one was rough, and one was juuuust right! I’m also flattered by all the great reviews it’s getting.

To win a copy of my erotic version of Goldilocks, comment below sharing with us your favorite college sexual experience!

Goldie's Locks and the Three Men (An Erotic Fairy Tale Fantasy for Women)


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24 responses to “Erotic Goldilocks Giveaway and Tales of Wild Girls in College”

  1. Beth Barany Avatar
    Beth Barany

    Well, it’s a secret but there was that time, on top of the washing machines, with the sun setting over the Golden Gate Bridge far in the distance. 😉

    1. That would make a great story, Beth. 😉

  2. Lynn A. Reynolds Avatar
    Lynn A. Reynolds

    I would love to see Pinocchio as an erotic fairy tale. The sex scenes could be very interesting.


    1. Liz Adams Avatar
      Liz Adams

      Lynn, I’ve avoided Pinocchio because of the simplistic smutty (albeit quite steamy) scene the idea of an erotic version evokes. But your request has got me thinking.

      There’s a wonderful song that seems to portray a heartbreaking relationship of a woman so desperate to keep her man who likely doesn’t love her anymore. “Lie to me. I promise I’ll believe. Lie to me. Just don’t leave.”

      What if the only way the Pinnochio character could rise to the occasion was by fantasizing that he needed to punish his fiancée for sleeping around (though she was actually faithful)? And what if the power of the lie doesn’t work anymore so she sets out to have a fling all for the sake of getting him the fuel he needs to provide great sex once more?

      Anyhow, you’ve given me something to think about. Thanks, Lynn!

  3. LoriandHubby Avatar

    I would love to see a Cinderella story

    1. Liz Adams Avatar
      Liz Adams

      Thanks for the request, Lori. I feel like Cinderella is not just a fairy tale but an epitome of romance, like Romeo and Juliet. The story is so precious, as precious as the glass slipper, that I plan to be extra careful when I finally get to writing an erotic version of the tale. 🙂

  4. Lee Todd Avatar
    Lee Todd

    snow white & 7 dwarves, prince, huntsman….. ummmm yeah lol

    1. Liz Adams Avatar
      Liz Adams

      Ummmmm, indeed! Lol

      Who wouldn’t love to see the porcelain maiden adored by a multitude of men:
      Playing doctor with Doc,
      Getting happy with Happy,
      Getting wiped out with Sleepy,
      Getting groped by Grumpy,
      Getting teased by Sleazy,
      Getting her fill of Creamy,
      Getting eaten by Tasty,

      And then there are the prince and huntsman who are one man with split personality disorder, one caresses, one punishes, and Snow never knows which man she’ll be facing! Sounds good, Lee!

  5. Betty Hamilton Avatar
    Betty Hamilton

    Little Red Riding Hood…. what’s an erotic story without a wolf?

    1. Liz Adams Avatar
      Liz Adams

      I completely agree, Betty. And the Goodreads group Kinky World also agree, and made my erotic version of Red Riding Hood “Book of the Month.” Check it out!

  6. Mary McCoy Avatar
    Mary McCoy

    How about Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater? Lots of story to add in..

    1. Liz Adams Avatar
      Liz Adams

      Plenty of delicious possibilities there, Mary. Slllurrrpp!

    2. Jessica Baker-Bridgers Avatar
      Jessica Baker-Bridgers

      Yes, He can stuff her in a pumpkin shell for being a bad, bad girl.

      1. Liz Adams Avatar
        Liz Adams

        Lol! You had me at “He can stuff her.”

  7. Cal Mathews Avatar
    Cal Mathews

    What about using some comic newspaper story lines as ideas to adapt? Just not too closely.
    For example, a “Marmaduke” shape shifter morphing into a “Dennis the Menace” like teen age character in an urban neighborhood. Change the names and locations to protect the not so innocent!

    1. Liz Adams Avatar
      Liz Adams

      Lol. Cal, that sound like Teen Wolf except with a dog instead of a wolf.

  8. Jessica Baker-Bridgers Avatar
    Jessica Baker-Bridgers

    Thumbelina or Jack and the Beanstalk. I think they would make great interesting erotic stories.

    1. Liz Adams Avatar
      Liz Adams

      Nice ideas, Jessica! I can just picture Jack seducing the giant’s wife. And who knows, maybe he gets caught stealing the giant’s riches by the wife and gets punished. Thumbelina looks like a great story similar to Alice in Wonderland, where there are lots of adventures with different characters. I read one version where a bluebird follows Thumbelina from place to place, in love with her, and when she marries the tiny prince, the bluebird is heartbroken. In my version, maybe the three of them can get along. 😉

  9. Ugly Duckling

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

    1. Liz Adams Avatar
      Liz Adams

      The ugly duckling is a great tale, with a great message.

  10. Terri H Avatar
    Terri H

    I’d love to see Snow White with seven sexy woodsmen! 🙂

    Thanks for being part of the blog hop!

    1. Liz Adams Avatar
      Liz Adams

      There is indeed a big YUM in store for anyone reading such a tale. 😉

  11. Shadow Avatar

    Hi! Great looking books! I love fairy tales Beauty and the Beast and Mulan are two big favorites of mine! I love them! 🙂 Tho, Fox and the Hound would be interesting if reworked! 🙂 Thanks for sharing! And congrats on your success! 🙂

    1. Liz Adams Avatar
      Liz Adams

      Thanks, Shadow! Beauty and the Beast could be a great shape-shifter story. Hmm… I’ll have to think about that some more. 🙂

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